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On this website, we want to discuss hypervisors and the underlying technology. In a nutshell, we want to discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of using several operating systems on one machine in parallel, and how to do this best. The reasons why we are interested in hypervisors are:

  • to keep your privacy and your private and business secrets,
  • to run potentially risky applications outside your usual operating system, applications and data - for instance, read risky emails, visit risky websites, or run unknown code,
  • and to easily handle operating systems, e.g. in case of updates or malfunctioning.
  • For a start, we are thinking in particular about the use of hypervisors on PCs. Later on, we would be glad to discuss also mobile phones, servers, etc. For any practical system, we think that also legacy applications need to run. In our view, no systems which allow you to do the above in a secure way exist yet. Both hardware and software need to be designed.

    On this website, we want to provide some useful information, we ask for your feedback, and want to create a dialogue. We hope that this discussion will lead to a process which ends in the creation of a particularly useful hypervisor.

    Currently we are in the process of setting up this website. We will have it checked by a native English speaker as soon as possible. For the time being, please excuse our Denglish.The discussion fora are not yet set up. We plan to do so as soon as your feedback (via email) and our funds allow.

    Looking forward to seeing you on this website,

    Arnd und Dirk Weber, December 2010